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Dedicated Loader

Physically top-up with card or cash with a Customer Kiosk from Systopia.


Speak to one of the Systopia team today to learn how Systopia’s Customer Kiosks provide a dedicated, physical option for users to manage their account.

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Customer Kiosks – On-site Loading

Modern and sleek, the Systopia Customer Kiosk provides users with a simple and effective method of topping-up and reviewing their personal cashless account. With options to top-up with cash and Credit or Debit card, the Kiosk is an essential part of your cashless payment system.


When a cashless card is inserted, the Customer Kiosk displays the user’s account balance immediately on the touchscreen display. From this point, users can select from a menu to either top-up from a selection of pre-set amounts or to view a history of their transactions.


With the customer in mind, the Kiosks are aimed at providing a solution configured to match your requirements. With outstanding aesthetics and unrivalled reliability, the Customer Kiosks suit all indoor environments. The advanced interactive touchscreen features space for images and marketing material, such as special offers and promotions, while elements of the screen can be customised to recognise your brand with logos and imagery.


For many of our clients, visitors to their cashless environment present a problem. How to ensure they can use the system easily? Our Customer Kiosks solve that issue by distributing visitor cards and then providing a refund once their visit is over. It couldn’t be easier.


Available either as a floor or wall mounted model, the Kiosks are fully accessible for all users, with buttons that reverse and change position for all requirements.

Core Benefits

Dedicated cashless loading facility on-site
Can accept cash and Credit/Debit cards
Browse a history of transactions
Can distribute visitor cards and give refunds
Customisable promotional space
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Product Specification

RFID Card Technologies
Mifare, HiD iClass/Prox, Legic, Indala, TDSI, Siemens, ACT, Honeywell, GE Security, PAC, Keri, Net Watch, Sony Felica
Power Supply
220-240V, 13A
CAT 5/6
Chip & Pin Device
taking Credit and Debit cards
Note Acceptor
taking all types of notes of any currency
Card Dispenser
dispense a card and retain a deposit for return
Receipt Printer
request a receipt for your top-up