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Integrated Vending Services

Systopia’s Vending Reader completes your cashless solution.


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Vending Reader – Keep It Cashless

The sophisticated Vending Reader from Systopia allows your organisation to integrate vending machines into your cashless solution. We understand the need to minimise disruption, that’s why we can fit the reader to existing machines, with users paying simply with the tap of a card.


The days of fumbling for loose change as the vending queue grows are over, as the cashless vending system lets your users make the most of their time with a hassle-free, efficient method of payment.


The cashless cards are loaded in the same way, either online, on mobile or at Customer Kiosks on site. Once loaded, users are ready to purchase goods from the vending machines or countertop coffee machines.


The Vending Reader is compatible with the majority of proximity cards used to access buildings and environments. Vending machines come with a range of payment protocols which are required to interface into a payment device. A unique feature when using our cashless solution for vending is that Systopia can work with all types of payment protocols, including MDB, Executive, BDV and CCI.


The Vending Reader acts as a data converter to allow simple coin operated machines for cashless use. Its function doesn’t have to be limited to vending machines alone, it can be integrated with brewers, car parking, photocopying, library use and many more.

Core Benefits

Reduce queue times by up to 25%
Ensure a total cashless environment
Can be retro-fitted to existing machines
Works with all payment protocols
Available for multiple business functions
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Product Specification

MDB, Executive, CCI, BDV and Parralel
RFID Card Technologies: HiD, Mifare, Legic, Indala, TDSi, Kotag, Sony Felica, Desfire Mounting
Steel base plate
Status Red & Green, SD card busy, VM Interface status, 2x LAN
32bit, 150MHz
Flash – 4MB Code, 1MB Data. RAM – 8MB SDRAM 512 kB NVRAM
Serial Interfaces
11 x asynchronous, 2 x synchronous (12C SPI), 2 x USB, Ethernet R145, 10Base-T
Temperature Range
0 to 70C, stock -40 to +85C
95% relative humidity, not condensing
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Base – 75 x 140 x 40mm
Sales/Refunds, Top-up, Error Reporting, Quick Power Up, 24/7 Operation, Read Range up to 50mm, Illuminated Card Area