Cashless Payment Terminal

Cashless Payment Terminal

Payment & Communication

Systopia’s RFID Cashless Payment Terminal for all types of closed-loop cards.


Speak to one of the Systopia team today to discuss how the Cashless Payment Terminal can speed up service and communicate promotions at the point of sale.

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Cashless Payment Terminal – Style Meets Quality

The Systopia Cashless Payment Terminal is a sleek, innovative payment device with a built-in TFT LCD screen for displaying account balance, promotions, upsells and any form of advertising you wish to communicate to customers at the point of sale.


The Cashless Payment Terminal incorporates Tag & Go payment technology for use in a closed-loop environment, where customers can use a RFID token, such as an access card, fob or even wristband, to make payment.


We understand that speed of service is integral to our clients’ mealtimes and with a payment transaction speed measured in milliseconds, you can expect to reduce queuing times by up to 25%.


User experience is essential within any organisation, that’s why we’ve designed the Cashless Payment Terminal with the customer in mind. When each product is selected at the till, the item is displayed on the LCD screen and a pleasant, blue illumination highlights the area to tap their RFID token.

Core Benefits

Reduce queue times by up to 25%
Communicate promotions at the point of sale
Compatible with most RFID technologies
Modern and sleek design
Integrates directly with POS Terminal
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Product Specification

RFID Card Technologies Compatible
Mifare, HID iClass/Prox, Legic, Indala, TDSI, Siemens, ACT, Honeywell, Casi Rusco, GE Security, PAC, Keri, Next Watch, Sony Felica, Desfire
5.6” TFT LCD Screen
640 x 480 RO.VGA
Optional TFT LCD Touch Screen
View Angle
V/D/L/R 50/70/70/70
200 cdm1
USB or R232 Serial Interface
12V– 10W
Dimensions (WxDxH)
272 x 124 x 143 (mm)