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Boost Your Solution: Ordering Online And On Mobile

At Systopia we are constantly striving to provide our clients with innovation and payment solutions that really add value to their operation. How can we improve traditional mealtime service for clients? What do their customers want?


Clearly the customer experience is crucial to delivering a successful food and beverage operation and any tools our clients can use to keep customers on site and increase footfall are always well received. The latest development from Systopia’s innovation conveyor-belt is our Ordering module.


The time that staff spend on mealtime breaks are at an all-time low and thus convenience and speed are imperative when it comes to choosing where to buy goods. With this in mind our Ordering feature has been created to solve the convenience and speed dilemma by giving staff the opportunity to pre-order their choices online through our customised web portal or on their mobile through the Systopia app. The items available to order are bespoke and flexible to each caterer.


Once the items have been selected staff are prompted to choose from a range of times to pick up their items, avoiding unnecessary delays and allowing staff to maximise their time.


The Ordering feature also has a profound effect on the efficiency of the catering operation. Food and beverages can be made to order, to particular times and can be displayed on real-time screens. Once of the most popular uses of the Ordering facility is our Barista Ordering for coffee bars. Here staff can pre-order their coffee choice on their mobile phone which is then sent and displayed on the Barista screen ready to be prepared.


If you are looking to boost revenue and footfall then look no further than Ordering. Get in touch today to find out more…