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Daily Allowances

Utilise Systopia’s Subsidy software and offer allowances to your users.


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Subsidies – Virtual Allowances

For some of our clients, the ability to provide a daily allowance to users is imperative in their cashless solution. Whether you are a business that gives its staff a set amount to spend each day, or an educational institute that provides free meals to students, our Subsidy software can manage this for you.   There’s no need to hand out meal vouchers, our software places a set subsidy on the accounts of those individuals eligible to receive it. Then when they come to pay at the till point and vending machines, the system simply recognises the allowance attributed to that account.   The subsidy amount is flexible to suit your operation and then re-sets overnight to ensure it’s ready to be used again the next day. Once an individual has used up their subsidy for that day, additional payment can be taken from their cashless account balance.   With healthy eating at the forefront of catering operations, the subsidy can even be targeted to particular food groups. Allowances could be given for healthy options and set limits can be enforced on unhealthy choices.

Core Benefits

Provide daily subsidies
Manage free meal requirements
Flexible limits
Re-sets automatically overnight
Target and reward healthy options