Multiple Currencies


Going Global

No matter what currency you use, Systopia’s cashless systems can manage it.


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Currencies – What’s Yours?

With a client-base spanning two continents, our clients process transactions in a variety of currencies, commonly including GBP, Euros and the US Dollar. But our solutions aren’t limited to those three alone and some of our clients operate using national currencies, all of which are compatible with Systopia’s cashless solution.


Our multi-national customers often have a number of sites located around the globe, with staff regularly moving between locations. Imperative to them was a solution that allowed their staff to use their same access token or card at every site, regardless of the nation they were in.


Luckily for them, Systopia have the answer. Using our Good2Go Online Desktop, users can securely log-in from any location in the world, before selecting from a bespoke selection of currency purses. They can then top-up the desired purse before travelling overseas and can then relax in the knowledge that they can make payment on arrival using their standard ID card.


It’s not just multiple currencies that Systopia can manage for your organisation. As part of our cashless payment solutions, Systopia can operate alongside a variety of taxes, providing detailed tax and VAT reports that encompass a range of tax laws and languages.

Core Benefits

Flexible currency options
Multiple currency purses online
Ideal for multi-national organisations
Use same ID card in overseas locations
Encompasses a variety of taxes and languages