About Systopia - Cashless Payments


Access Control

For organisations which use an access control system as a security measure for entering the facilities, ID cards, badges, fobs and even wristbands is the norm. It’s a possession that users keep securely on them at all times and thus a convenient and safe method of making payment. There’s no need for additional cards and the hassle that can bring, Systopia integrate with the majority of access control technologies ensuring a smooth transition. Once a user has activated their token, they can then top-up their pre-paid account with money deposited through a web browser, mobile phone or customer kiosk. Whether you have one payment point or one hundred, combining access control and payment onto one, easy-to-use token will help streamline your operation. RFID technologies compatible:

  • Mifare 1K and 4K
  • HiD iClass and Prox
  • Legic
  • Indala
  • TDSI
  • Siemens
  • ACT
  • Honeywell
  • Casi Rusco
  • GE Security
  • PAC
  • Keri
  • Next Watch
  • Sony Felica
  • Desfire

Cloud Hosting

Systopia’s virtual environment is the hassle-free and secure method of hosting your cashless solution. Rather than having a server on site, along with the cost and time associated with maintaining it, Systopia host the system virtually on our dedicated Cloud Servers. With some of the world’s leading brands utilising the cloud environment, you can rest assured that our data centres are secure. You can even opt for a private cloud server for a personal hosting environment. It’s also fantastic from a support perspective, the cloud server allows Systopia’s support staff to access and maintain your solution remotely and ensures any fixing required takes place as quickly as possible.


Key Benefits:

Systopia’s cashless environment and access control integration bring about tangible benefits to your business operation.

  • An all-in-one token combining access control and payment
  • Integrate with existing access cards/wristbands/fobs
  • Reduce queues on average by 25% with cashless payments
  • Online solution provides real-time transactions and reports
  • Cloud hosted environment eliminates cost and hassle
  • Extend to bespoke business functions such as printing/parking
  • A secure and rigorously tested cashless environment

Contact Us

At Systopia we welcome your feedback. If you have a question, comment or interest in cashless solutions, please get in touch.