Centralised Admin


Single, Central Database

Control articles and manage your catering operation with Systopia’s Admin software.


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Admin – Total Control

Whether you have one till point or hundreds over multiple locations, you need a tool to control stock, articles and pricing across them all. Systopia strive to eliminate hassle and give our clients a streamlined operation, that’s why our Admin software acts as a single, central database to control all your till points and vending machines.


Accessible simply through an online browser, you can view articles, change prices and tailor your product choices depending on the location and demographic of customer. You can even edit what’s visible on each till screen, with a range of colour choices, button sizes and bespoke article names to choose from.


As Systopia provide online cashless systems, the Admin software updates each till point or vending machine in real-time. There’s no need to manually visit each payment point to make changes, just sit back and relax in the back-office while your changes come into effect across your entire operation.


Our clients have found the admin system extremely effective in helping to save time and effort in changing article prices. Working in tandem with the Reporting software, your Admin panel is the easy way to put your plans into effect and reap the rewards.

Core Benefits

Single, central database
Control articles and article prices
Updated in real-time
Accessible via an online browser
Use in tandem with Reporting software