About Systopia - Cashless Payments

Systopia In The Baby Shard

Last year, News Corp signed a 30 year lease for the News Building, or the Baby Shard as it has been nicknamed, as its new 17-storey headquarters at London Bridge housing over 3,500 employees. Systopia ensures employees can use their security ID cards as a means of paying for food and drinks within the building.


Each employees security access ID doubles as a payment card. The employee can top-up their account online, on their mobile or at a kiosk and then they can buy food or drinks from the coffee bar, restaurant and vending machines. The result is that the issues surrounding physical money are redundant in the building as all payments are made with the tap of a card.


“There are loyalty schemes, buy-one-get-one-free, virtual coffee stamps and healthy eating offers”, says Chris Lyons, MD of Systopia. Each company at the News Building can also create cost centres or hospitality accounts, “this is handy when there are meeting rooms or visitor centres where the charge is applied to the place rather than the person.” The solution at News UK also provides a means for employees to rate the food and service within the restaurant. Customer feedback insight ensures they are offering the best service, product range and food offering for their customer base.


There are several options for employees to monitor their account usage and to top-up. They can use a desktop webpage, a mobile phone app or even a traditional kiosk. Within those options there’s also an auto top-up so they can ensure their account never falls below a certain level. If it does go below that it will automatically be topped up.


Going cashless offers News UK many benefits, primarily with respect to the amount of data gathered. When employees used to use cash at the restaurant, there was no record of what was bought. But because of the system in place, News UK now knows the average sales and footfall per week, what people are buying, what they’re not buying, when they come in, when they don’t come in. There’s a lot of invaluable information on offer which can help make decisions around purchasing and staffing, which in turn has a positive impact on the bottom line. By harnessing this data the catering team can identify which are the most popular meals and peak trade times, promoting greater diligence with menu planning, stock orders and employee rota management. News UK are privy to this data via a URL on a back office PC.


“I’ve worked with Systopia before and decided to stick with them because I believe their cashless solution is top of the range. There’s nothing out there that can compare to what I get from Systopia.” Claudette Curtis, UK Facilities Manager at News UK